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Baltic Genealogical Releases 1931-1939


From the contents of the following expenditure: The family coat of arms Aderkas The ancestors of the Provost Johann Ernst luck messages on the family (of) Peucker with genealogy on the history of thrush Anreps The sex Karell

Materials for noble history Oeselschen


Materials for noble history Oeselschen 1766, the list of gender, the needle into the book of the Arens-burg population in 1786 have been registered. Appendix: Additions to the Livonian and Estonian nobility, heraldic message of Governors, Governors and Schlossvögten. Something about the elevation of rank of the Livonian Order Master Wolter von Plettenberg, about the different levels in Russia, and several of the pedigrees of Poll, von Stackelberg, called by the East Sacken. Those: Hupel, August Wilhelm: Materials to a noble history öselschen, after a year 1766 where popular, alphabetical order, Riga:  [...]

Walther von Plettenberg, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order in Livonia


Livonia was 1158 discovered by merchants from Bremen, who wanted to sail to Visby on Gotland, But through devious storms on the Baltic coast and the northern tip of Courland, passed near the island RUNÖ, were driven to the mouth of the Daugava. The country was then wholly unknown to the civilized Europe. The consequences of the discovery were relatively equal importance; because the spread of Germanic life through all the provinces of the Baltic Sea, in Kurland, Semgallen, Livonia, Estonia was given and to some extent in Finland in. So begannen die  [...]

Kursell a German-Baltic nobility

The family can be documented only in Kursell XV. Century demonstrate. The first of which we know Kursell, George's (Jürgen) Kursell in Kurland. 1442 George was invested with five and a half hook country and remained there for nearly a century in the family. In 1528 they gave the fief to. With the consent of Wolters Plettenberg sold the son of the first Lehnsträgers his father's estate and went to Livonia. Only one member of the family seems to have remained in Courland, for the year[...]

The Hanseatic League and the German knights in the Baltic countries

The work deals with the external history of the German Baltic countries by the middle of the 13. until the end of 14. Century. These are the times, which arises in the northern German city club and get the ride to the highest power of Roden. Detail, the period of the Baltic state and knight of the Hanseatic League described; the military activities of the Order, The role of Rudolf of Hapsburg in the northern Baltic, Clash of the Hansa with Denmark..