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From Netzkater to Sophienhof

20. July 2009

Historically, to report, that from 8.4.1945 Ilfeld and environment has been put in readiness for defense.. und Oberstleutnant Großkreuz verlegte seinen [...]

Pastor Liesegang in Leimbach

19. July 2009

Leimbach, an ancient kingdom village is one of the oldest settlements of our country. In the devastated village Grumbach is an ancient Dingstätte have been. As [...]

Hermann Liesegang from Appenrode

13. July 2009

My great-grandfather Hermann Liesegang * 1888 in Appenrode. (in place of "Blue" called, because his cheeks stained blue when cold) can confidently be very temperamental, temporarily denote also very hot-tempered people, when he felt something against the grain. [...]
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