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George Liesegang royal Prussian Government

Hans Georg Wilhelm Lies Gang comb pm 9.10.1855 in Potsdam of the royal Prussian first son. Upper control inspector Karl Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (1819-1875) and his wife Minna Constantia Emilie Hecker (1837-1906) to the world. His grandfather was a superintendent and pastor in Upper Mount Pearl. His career started off with the profession of a foreman 18.11.1880. Already on 21.2.1886 Liesegang was promoted to the government architect in the Upper Silesian railway to Breslau and was on 20.3.1895 appointed Railway Building Inspector in Bydgoszcz.

Dr. Joachim Wilhelm Erdmann Liesegang (1791-1878) Superintendent and Oberparrer to Perleberg

Following in his Konfirmationam year on Holy Thursday 1806 Wilhelm went to visit his home town to the high school in Salzwedel, then under the direction of the Rector Heinzelmann and after his death in 1808 under the direction of the Rector Solbrig. An Ostern 1811 He left school with the certificate of maturity , to move from there to the University of Berlin, at the time the excellent professors of theology Schleiermacher, de Wette, Marheinke and Neander were employed. Wilhelm began his theological studies with his[...]

The Huguenot family Couard

The Couards are a Huguenot family, whose ancestor Daniel Schuhmacher Couard 1685 after revocation of the Edict of Nantes, at the age of 73 Years emigrated with his son from Grand-Rieux in Picardy by Bischweiler in Alsace. Daniels grandchildren later settled in Berlin. Hermann Couard (1837-1902) was there for 1865 second preacher at the Church of Peace in Sansouci, his wife Anna Ideler also belonged to an old theologian sex, that its lineage to the annual 1519 born Pastor John Ideler can return to Putlitzstrasse. Im  [...]

Lucia Dorothea Liesegang married Johann Gottlieb Lesser from Nordhausen

The appeal must be in front of the 11. November 1729 have taken place, because on this day married Johann Gottlieb in the Lesser Preetzer Fleckenskirche Lucia Dorothea LIESEGANG. Then in June he 1726 Utrecht promo celebrates ist be, can be his calling EDT Preetz between these two events. Johann Gottlieb Lesser was the personal physician to the Duke of Plön.

Privy Councillor and bank director John Liesegang, Kiel

At the 29. More 1836 was the superintendent and senior pastor Dr. Liesegang William by his second wife Caroline was born a son born Schweiger, John received the name of Karl Leberecht. Five siblings, including four brothers and one sister stood at the cradle. Among his patrons were the preachers Geissler, Rector Stappenbeck, Rector Bernau, Preacher and Mrs. Simon ways builder Fontane. The suggestion of the President of the Board's main bank Ferdinand of Lamprecht, a relative of his father, It was thanks to John, that he acquired in the service of the Royal Bank[...]