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Joachim Lambert IV. Minister and senior pastor inspector to Spandau

Joachim Lambert was born on 28.1.1658 Born in Kyritz. Since the family had before him Lamprecht three carriers of the same name, He was Joachim IV. called. The Lamberts were among the oldest families of the city council detectable. As the old records were destroyed by the magistrate Kyritzer larger fires, it was in researching the history of the oldest local families rely almost exclusively on the church records. In the 2. Generation can be outside 3 Daughters (Anna, Ilsa und Barbara Lamprecht) two sons find. But as in the[...]

Johann August Ephraim Goetze, first deacon of the Abbey Church at Quedlinburg

His father was Johann Heinrich Goeze, Prussian royal inspector and top preachers in Aschersleben – a morally righteous, quiet and very popular man in his community. When his grandfather, Johann Melchior Goeze, the 1728 in Halberstadt, a doctor of theology, Upper Consistory and preacher at the church died Martini, This caused a major sensation. His mother, Kirchhoff died a born, when he was two years old. The mother took the place now, especially about the physical education of boys, a loyal “Stewardess”, mit vielleicht zu grosser  [...]

Brandenburg Genealogical Yearbook 2009

Just out and provided with the following content is recommended above yearbook very: Brandenburg History * The former Saxon territories of Brandenburg * Stories of gold ruby ​​- glassmaking tradition of Kunckel to Kralik General Genealogy * Family trusts as a genealogical source - the example of Koephjohannschen Foundation in Berlin Brandenburg genealogy * Dr. Joachim Wilhelm Erdmann Liesegang (1791-1878), Superintendent and senior pastor at Perleberg * The family Fourestier in Berlin * The Heffter family - a traditional middle-class family from the Mark

The crest of the Andrew family from Liesegang Förderstedt

Erich Liesegang, Director of the National Library Wiesbaden

Karl Richard “Erich” Liesegang erblickte am 26.5.1860 in Duisburg das Licht der Welt. Seine Eltern waren der aus Perleberg stammende Dr. phil. Privy Councillor, Helmuth Karl Albert Liesegang (1827-1914) und seine Mutter die in Schwedt geborene Agnes Marie Sophie Ottilie Jüngel (1836-1883) Tochter des Kaufmanns Albert Jüngel und dessen Gattin Agnes Schweiger. Erich hatte noch zehn weitere Geschwister, darunter den Landschaftsmaler Helmuth Liesegang. Sein Vater hatte in Berlin klassische Philologie und Geschichte studiert und war unter anderem an den Gymnasien Bielefeld und Duisburg tätig. Er  [...]