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Album ruling archbishops and bishops of the German Empire

Album of the now ruling archbishops and bishops of the German Empire in photographic images together with brief life sketches breast Dusseldorf.

Individual biographies from Austria

On the website of the “austrian literature online” are mainly related to digital books and Austria offered are free and also available as ePrint. Currently there are approximately 13.733 Documents from the 11. Century to the Present. The project relies on the initiative of the University- and Regional Library of Tyrol, Graz University Library and the Institute “Integrated Studies” the University of Linz. An absolutely recommendable project!

Biographical Encyclopedia of the Austrian Empire

In enormous hard work here 60 Volumes of Biographical Lexicon digitized and made available. Posted by Dr. Constantin Wurzbach and appeared in the period 1856-1891. They contain the life sketches of memorable, noteworthy personalities, since the 1750 either born in the Austrian crown lands or have lived and worked. In the individual volumes are many genealogical tables contain, Each volume is divided by first letter, published by the yard- and Vienna State Printing.