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Town Planner George Liesegang in Frankfurt

George was born on Liesegang 9. October 1855 Born in Potsdam, the first son of the subsequent navigator Inspector William Liesegang and Minna Hecker. Not long after his parents moved to Wittenberg on the Elbe on. After his father had been transferred to Anklam in Pomerania, George attended the local grammar school. Von hier ging er mit dem […]


Life story of Count Kaspar von Sternberg

Count Caspar von Sternberg, The main founder and first president of the Bohemian Museum (National Museum) was early anxious, His memoirs record. As early as 1812 He drew a sketch. His final version he gave 1837 to the editor of this work. In giving the life story of Count Francis Sternberg, first as an obituary in which the “Jahrbüchern des […]


Hans Joachim von Ziethen on Wustrau

In the area of ​​the city Ruppin, is the village Wustrau. At the end of the 17. Century included the lands of this village three landowners, one of them was from Hans Joachim Matthias Zieten. He possessed all of the fields and meadows only the smallest part of a year and it did not bring him more than about 400-500 Dollars a. Dort also lebte […]

Countess Friederike of speeches give. Baroness Riedesel at Eisenbach

It was in 1760 as the captain of Hussars Friedrich Adolf von Riedesel, Baron zu Eisenbach, The beautiful 15-year-old Frederica von Massow met. Mr. von Massow, King Frederick II. sent to the allied army, was living in Minden. Riedesel, First in the Hessian service, was created Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick commanding. Ein Jahr später wurde Riedesel verwundet […]

From time faded away: Memoirs of the Paula von Bulow 1833-1920

Paula was born in Berlin, referred to himself but rather as Süddeutsche. Her father, Count Franz de Paula von Linden was at that time agent of the state at the Prussian court of Württemberg. The family is of Dutch origin Linden; She writes in there sometimes with “i” and partially with”and”. The original center of the baronial branch moved […]

Genealogy of the surgeon Bernhard von Langenbeck

Bernhard von Langenbeck was the 8. November 1810 Padingbüttel in the world, son of the pastor Georg Langenbeck (1766-1844) and his wife Johanna Elisabeth Charlotte Sussman. His grandfather was a pastor in Horneburg and married Marie Elisabeth von der Heyde. According to lore was his ancestor Henricus Langenbeck, Authorized representative of his sovereign in the peace negotiations 1648 […]