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Town Planner George Liesegang in Frankfurt


George was born on Liesegang 9. October 1855 Born in Potsdam, the first son of the subsequent navigator Inspector William Liesegang and Minna Hecker. Not long after his parents moved to Wittenberg on the Elbe on. After his father had been transferred to Anklam in Pomerania, George attended the local grammar school. From here he went to the testimony of the maturity of the then Industrial Academy in Berlin. After passing the first state examination, he was on 18. November 1880 zum Bauführer und nach Ablegung der zweiten Staatsprüfung am 21.  [...]

Life story of Count Kaspar von Sternberg


Count Caspar von Sternberg, The main founder and first president of the Bohemian Museum (National Museum) was early anxious, His memoirs record. As early as 1812 He drew a sketch. His final version he gave 1837 an den Herausgeber dieses Werkes. In giving the life story of Count Francis Sternberg, first as an obituary in which the “Annals of the Bohemian Museum 1830 (S. 479-1487) appeared, was the daughter, Countess Christiane have been helpful.   Graf Sternberg wurde am 6. January 1761 in Prag geboren und in der Kirche St.  [...]

Life story of Baron Otto Theodor von Manteuffel


The origins of the sex of those lost in the mists of Manteuffel. Older genealogists to give, It came from England and make a “Mandevel by Esser” the ancestor. Studies show a correlation with the Herford's dynastic “of Quernheim”. Early Manteuffel were the mighty and the free men in ancient Kaschubenland and nobility of Pomerania. She branched out into the marrow, to Prussia and Saxony, and to Kurland, Estonia and Livonia, where the last name “Hesitations” an den Kämpfen des Schwertritterordens  [...]

Hans Joachim von Ziethen on Wustrau


In the area of ​​the city Ruppin, is the village Wustrau. At the end of the 17. Century included the lands of this village three landowners, one of them was from Hans Joachim Matthias Zieten. Er besaß von allen Feldern und Wiesen nur den kleinsten Teil und jährlich brachte es ihm nicht mehr als etwa 400-500 Dollars a. So there Zieten lived with his wife Catharina Ilsabe, a born Jürgas. The five children of Mr. von Ziethen had four daughters and a son. The son was on 18. More 1699 geboren  [...]

The life story of Dr. Martin Kemnitz (1522-1586)


The family came from the Martin Kemnitz, belonged to the noble dynasty of Kemnitz, of old Wendish nobility descended in Pomerania. The name comes from the Polish word “Kamien” and mean stone. The name was always written Kemnitz, to Martin, came as the lateinisierte Chemnitius form in use. The coat of arms, which can still be seen in the Martini Church in Braunschweig, has the half-closed helmet two small lilies, on their stalks woven together, their heads turned downwards. In the[...]