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Five gentlemen from the past

The nobles whose life image is portrayed here, lived at the time of the Reformation, or immediately thereafter to. Some led the Reformation in their circles, such as Joachim von Alvensleben, his brother and his brother Andrew of Ludolff Meyendorff, also at the Daniel von der Schulenburg discussed in detail the same father, Matthias. Joachim von Alvensleben und Andreas von […]

Historical sources from Westphalia

Not “Westphalia” by birth, but people of all origins, the traces left in the Westphalian space or interacted in a special way to Westphalia, are at the forefront of the region “People”. Sometimes contain not only life- and official data, but z.T. also biographies and bibliographic notes, about to speak “hidden”, bibliographic non-specified short biographies in compilations. Neben […]

Brunswick personalities

August Heinrich Christian Gelpke, an astronomer at the Collegium Carolinum in Brunswick. Based on the biography of the high school- and high school teacher, August Heinrich Christian Gelpke (1769-1842) The following aspects are examined: His involvement with the rapid development in science, especially in astronomy, at the turn of 18. to 19. Century. Johann Joachim Eschenburg (1743-1820) Professor am Collegium […]

Live images of our theologians

The Protestant clergy of Pomerania from the Reformation to the Present. T. 1 Hans Moderow, 1903 – Regierungsbezirk Stettin The Protestant clergy of Pomerania from the Reformation to the Present. T. 2 Ernst Müller, 1912 – The county Koszalin, the Reformed congregations Pomerania Bd Scholars theologians in Germany in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 1: 1831: A – […]