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The descendants of the geographer Gerhard Mercator (1512-1594)


Gerhard Mercator (Gerard de Kremer actually, latinized: Gerardus Mercator = Gerhard Krämer) was a mathematician begandeter, Geographer, Philosopher, Theologian and cartographer, which was regarded as far back as Ptolemy of his time.

Johann August Ephraim Goetze, first deacon of the Abbey Church at Quedlinburg

His father was Johann Heinrich Goeze, Prussian royal inspector and top preachers in Aschersleben – a morally righteous, quiet and very popular man in his community. When his grandfather, Johann Melchior Goeze, the 1728 in Halberstadt, a doctor of theology, Upper Consistory and preacher at the church died Martini, This caused a major sensation. His mother, Kirchhoff died a born, when he was two years old. The mother took the place now, especially about the physical education of boys, a loyal “Stewardess”, with perhaps too great[...]