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The ancestors of Augustus the Strong, with the generations I. XIII bus.


Frederick Augustus I. of Saxony, often called August the Strong (* 12. More 1670 in Dresden; † 1. February 1733 in Warsaw) Albertine was a prince from the line of the Wettin dynasty originating Elector of Saxony (as Frederick Augustus I) and from 1697 King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania (as August II) in Personalunion. (See Wikipedia)

Royal Bavarian aristocratic ladies calendar


Genealogy of the Royal House, Court- and religious festivals, Court Her Majesty the Queen, Royal convent for St. Anne in Würzburg, Display the ladies of nobility, Men whose royal consorts. Bavarian treasurer are, Latest Overview of departure and the arrival of the riding and driving post to Munich.

Margaret of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands

Just south of Ghent, the town of Oudenaarde, known by the victory, here the 1708 Marlborough and Prince Eugene won over the French. Symbol a mighty castle, the 1385 was built by Philip the Bold. Emperor Charles V. was accompanied here by his court, and pitched his ministers in the war against the French in his Headquarters. So important in political terms, his stay was, but he found leisure to begin a love affair. It is, here it recognized for the first time the passion for a woman.[...]

History of the Habsburg dynasty

The European Habsburg dynasty, whose name derives from their ancestral castle of Habsburg in Aargau. Members of the dynasty established the first 1273 and almost continuously from 1438 The German kings and Holy Roman Emperor and ruled from 1282 over the duchies of Austria and Styria

Empress Augusta in Koblenz by 1850 to 1889

Described in the Weimar period, the prince's daughter as a princess of Prussia, then a queen, and finally lived as German Empress Augusta in Koblenz. Augusta was the second daughter of Grand Duke Carl Friedrich and the Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna Romanova, a sister of Tsar Alexander I.. of Russia. While her father was a shy man, whose preferred reading to the end of his life story were, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe called her mother "one of the best and most important women of her time". Augusta even received a comprehensive education that[...]