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The abbots Pelplin Rembowski: Unfortunate and blessed times 1563-1649

[su_heading] Leonhard Rembowski the old and young in as abbot Pelplin [/su_heading]   Pelplin, once a famous abbey , since 1824 residence of the bishops of Culm , in an area surrounded by small hills valley is , by the heel winds , which flows into the Vistula at Mewe . By the year 1887 Pelplin belonged to a circle Pr . Stargard, seitdem […]

Nobles and clergy Rambow

[nivoslider slug =”default”] Albert of Rambow (Rambovius, Rambau, Rembovius, later called Rembowski) became a pastor for Seehesten (Ksp in the district Gumbinnen) called and died there after 36 Years, his successor = James Kaplan Schulzki of Rastenburg. Albert, * at 1530 + 18.11.1590, married after 1553 Catharine, as “Stranger” is known in the country, without relatives. Es folgen sechs Jahre […]