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The chronicle of the family of Hessel from Kreuznach 1686-1886


The family is one of the Hessel Lutheran families of the place Kreuznach. The investigation into the church records show the following facts on:

Privy Councillor and bank director John Liesegang, Kiel

At the 29. More 1836 was the superintendent and senior pastor Dr. Liesegang William by his second wife Caroline was born a son born Schweiger, John received the name of Karl Leberecht. Five siblings, including four brothers and one sister stood at the cradle. Among his patrons were the preachers Geissler, Rector Stappenbeck, Rector Bernau, Preacher and Mrs. Simon ways builder Fontane. The suggestion of the President of the Board's main bank Ferdinand of Lamprecht, a relative of his father, It was thanks to John, that he acquired in the service of the Royal Bank[...]