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Historia Welforum: History and genealogy of the Guelph


Thus begat a son Welf, The name was given Eticho and a daughter named Judith. This led Emperor Louis Judith d. Pious, (Son of Charles d. Great) after the death of his wife Irmingard with whom he had three sons (Lothar, Pepin and Louis) home as a wife. She gave birth to Charles d. Kahler, who won at the kingdom of France, and division 45 Years reigned, while his brothers Louis and Lothar in Italy and Germany came to dominate. Pepin the 3. Son was already dead. Eticho[...]

Alfred von Kiderlen-Wachter (1852-1912) a diplomatic life in the Empire

Forsbach, Ralf: From the series of the Historical Commission of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht 1997 Band 1 and band 2

Lothar von Supplinburg

The tradition of the ancestors of Emperor Lothar goes back not far. Through his father Gebhard, the sex of the Counts of Supplinburg risen to some importance to be. But while running the genealogists, the descent of the mother Gebhards further, They conceal the name of his father. To create clarity in, was a task for this book. Gender of Lothar's mother, there are rich sources. Her name was Hedwig and came from the family of the Bavarian counts of Formbach. Your Genealogy discussed in detail the Saxon[...]