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Historical Oktoberfest


This year celebrates its Oktoberfest 200. Birthday – Congratulations! As the Oktoberfest for 125. Mal jährte wurde eine Festschrift veröffentlicht. When in 1810 the occasion of the marriage of the Bavarian Crown Prince, the Oktoberfest was celebrated, has probably not even dreamed, that the Oktoberfest would develop such an institution to the present time. Those: 125 Years Oktoberfest in Munich 1810-1935, Festschrift, Munich, 1935

Commemorative copy of the Rasselsteiner iron plant and the Remy family


The iron Rasselstein at its origin leads Neuwied, as well as the smelter Bendorf ironworks, and most of the time on a mill back. Was documented as early as 1655 At this point, an iron works and in the year 1688 were performed in a Testament of Count Friedrich of Wied (Founder of the town of Neuwied) two mills mentioned, on the rattle and the stone mill tons in Rodenbach. Count Friedrich, in the 1698 died, had supported the mining industry in the area and established a number of foundries. His successor, Count Friedrich[...]