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Yearbook of the Association for the History of Neumark

Of the annual accounts of the Society for the History of Neumark (New episodes of the Scriptures) I ausgewühlt the three subsequent editions. Es sind die Hefte 3 to 5 from the years 1926-1928. They deal with the hooves classifications 1718 and 1719 from the contributions of families- Neumark and economic history of rural communities, published with the support of the Historical Commission. The basis of the personal, official and economic conditions in rural communities was the village of order. She had approval for a province, considered but also specific provisions for individual districts whose characteristics, durch  [...]

Yearbook for Genealogy and Heraldry sphragistics


In the succeeding volumes of the Journal of Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics, published by the Courland Society for Literature and art are included among others the following genealogical tables: The pedigree of Henry Adolph Kursell and his descendants, The origin of the Polish branch of the von Heyden Klot and field, The genealogy of the family of Plettenberg, The genealogy of the Saxon family of pigeon, The family tree of Christopher von Sacken, The family of Grothus