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Collection: History sheets of the German Huguenot Society


The word Huguenot is a term of disputed origin of language. In France, it is effective for 1551 detectable, He was considered a dirty word, before the Protestants themselves so called. In Prussia was the first word is not used, here were referred to the refugees as Réfugiés, their settlement area as a French colony. It was not until 1900 continued in the German states, the use of the term by Huguenot.

Pforzheim's past and his connection to Johannes Reuchlin

From the contents: Village Market and Pforzheim, the creation of the new city, History from the Hirsau, the municipal law of 1486, the families of the city, Mayor and Council, Prohibition of the guilds, the shaft Schiffer, the cloth-making and the Zeugmacherei, and everything about the goldsmith. Education states: The Latin School, Heynlin of stone, Reuchlin and his relations to Pforzheim, the city after the 30 Years War, Huguenot colonies, the watches and jewelery factory, Schulmeister order to 1500.

Eleonore of Olbreuse, the ancestress of the royal houses of England, Hanover and Prussia

Investigation into the story of her marriage to the Duke of Brunswick-Celle and the time, in a special relationship to marry Ebenbürtigkeits-. Author: Johann Ferdinand Baur tilt, 1859 Eleanor (3.1.1639-5.2.1722) was the daughter of Alexander II. Desmier und seiner Frau Olbreuses of Jacquette Poussard of Vandré. She came from a Huguenot family of low nobility and came 1661 to the Paris court. First, she became the mistress of George William of Brunswick. In 1666 was the only child of this connection to the world.. The official ceremony took 1676 instead of… Digitalisat:

The Huguenot family Couard

The Couards are a Huguenot family, whose ancestor Daniel Schuhmacher Couard 1685 after revocation of the Edict of Nantes, at the age of 73 Years emigrated with his son from Grand-Rieux in Picardy by Bischweiler in Alsace. Daniels grandchildren later settled in Berlin. Hermann Couard (1837-1902) was there for 1865 second preacher at the Church of Peace in Sansouci, his wife Anna Ideler also belonged to an old theologian sex, that its lineage to the annual 1519 born Pastor John Ideler can return to Putlitzstrasse. Im  [...]