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Prince Christian of Fürstenberg's daughter engaged to entrepreneur

Erbprinz Christians Rolle in der Adelsfamilie und deren Unternehmungen wuchs in den vergangenen Jahren nach dem Tod seines Großvaters, des Alt-Fürsten Joachim Egon zu Fürstenberg im Juli 2002, rapidly. Als Erbe des Hauses Fürstenberg steht der Immobilien-Ökonom vor einer großen Aufgabe, die weit darüber hinaus reicht, to the year 1070 zurückzuverfolgende Geschichte des katholischen Fürstengeschlechts zu bewahren und fortzuführen. Auch unternehmerische Geschicke und Managementqualitäten sind gefordert. »Ein Fürstenhaus kann man nicht wie jedes andere Wirtschaftsunternehmen führen. Man sollte nicht versuchen, das große Geld zu  [...]

History of the Habsburg dynasty

The European Habsburg dynasty, whose name derives from their ancestral castle of Habsburg in Aargau. Members of the dynasty established the first 1273 and almost continuously from 1438 The German kings and Holy Roman Emperor and ruled from 1282 over the duchies of Austria and Styria

History of the Dukes of Zähringen

In October 1883 Baden Historical Commission decided to publish a story about the Duke of Zähringen. There was,, that the history of the branch line should be excluded to Teck. Main objective of this work is the origin of the Zähringer and their participation in the affairs of the kingdom, their social position, their possessions.. The result includes a detailed history of their founders Zähringer Bertold I. by Bertold V. their duties and rights, ministeriales. Many pages are devoted to the genealogical aspects and the question of the position of Rudolf's[...]

From the Hohenzollern Yearbook

Digital documents and images with research on the history of the Hohenzollerns of Brandenburg-Prussia, edited by Paul Seidel published by Giesecke & Devrient. The individual contributions from the vintages of the Hohenzollern Yearbook can be downloaded from the website of the Central and Regional Library Berlin. The contents of the classes can be viewed. I have noticed the following example text:

Portraits of the Brandenburg-Prussian rulers to Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Frederick William the Great Elector of Brandenburg (1620-1688) found on his accession, due to the 30-year war and a depopulated country from feral. Born the son of the Elector George William and Elizabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate, he expected a full education behind secure walls in Küstrin, until he was sent as a 14-year-old crown prince in the Netherlands to perfect his education. He was married to Louise Henriette of Orange, with whom he fathered six children. Luise Henriette von Oranien (1627-1667) was the eldest daughter[...]