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The history of the Lords of Munchausen


A thorough history of sex-Hochadlichen House of Lords of Munchausen : Wherein the descent of all ancestors of the XII. Century, with many different archives and registries of deeds drawn

The descent of the house for Lobkowitz Hassenstein


The history of the castle Hassenstein: The documentary traces the parties do not reach further than the 7. April 1295 back. Nevertheless, it is probably, that their establishment in the days of Charlemagne has been.

The noble family whose coat of arms and Arenberg


The Arenberge are among the oldest Catholic aristocracy of Europe. When they see their ancestor Hartmann von Arenberg, in the 1099 in the fight against the infidels fell. Otherwise the story knows little about the cultural history of this family to tell, which is all the time was one of the heads of the nobility. It is called the Prince August, an intimate friend of Count Mirabeau. The domination of the sex of Arenberg experienced over time a dazzling ascent to the Duchy. At 1280/81 died the older noble Lord lineage in[...]

The Count of Leiningen-Westerburg


The Lords of Westerburg free sempervirens descended from the ancient Gaugrafen of Lahngaues; they are of the same origin as the House of Wied-Runkel and have 1226 separated from this. They performed like the famous taverns of Limpurg and two other houses in the Middle Ages the title “of the Holy Roman Empire Semper Free”. The term free sempervirens has its origin in the expression “sendbarfrei”and means “chivalrous or ritterbürtig. Coat of arms: The held in early Gothic style sheet shows the mutually facing shields from Westerburg (in red with a golden cross,  [...]

Lothar von Supplinburg

The tradition of the ancestors of Emperor Lothar goes back not far. Through his father Gebhard, the sex of the Counts of Supplinburg risen to some importance to be. But while running the genealogists, the descent of the mother Gebhards further, They conceal the name of his father. To create clarity in, was a task for this book. Gender of Lothar's mother, there are rich sources. Her name was Hedwig and came from the family of the Bavarian counts of Formbach. Your Genealogy discussed in detail the Saxon[...]