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Yearbook of the Heraldry Society “Eagle”


"Eagle" is the short name of the Heraldic-Genealogical Society "Adler" in Vienna, The Company was incorporated on 10. More 1870 as a society, founded in Vienna and Berlin, according to the Herald, the second oldest in Europe. The founders were mostly aristocrats and members of the emerging middle classes in Austria and Hungary. Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics of the Austrian nobility were the focus of the activities of the "Eagle", who was one of the most respected companies very soon, dealing with historical auxiliary sciences.

Genealogical chance finds from the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia

At the end of 19. Century there were over 300 Georgian noble families. After the abolition of the Georgian Kingdom 1801 The noble families were integrated into the Russian governance system.

Wiguleus Bavarian tribes dog book

Two-volume work of Wiguleus dog Sultzenmos titled Bavarian tribes-book, appeared in 1598 the list of gymnasts and Bavarian nobility. For lovers of the old nobility and the Bavarian history and gender. Download: Band 1, Band 2 Provided by the ULB Düsseldorf. Bavarian Stem-book: 2. From The Duke, Horror, Gentlemen …, then the Thurnier Besuchet . / By … Wiguleus dog Sultzenmos Ingolstadt : Sartorius 1598 Hundt's book Wiguleus Bavarian tribes Third Part. With the additions of the archivist Libius[...]

Danziger Wappenwerk

The origin of the emblem is in the 12. Century back. In battle and tournament, occurred when the knight in armor and an iron with a closed visor, A need for a distinctive sign nnotwendig. First of a personal nature, soon as the badge of a certain family. The helmet was a characteristic design. Shield and helmet were so over time, the mating needs a coat of arms. The oldest coat of arms were adopted by their makers autocratic, They were all simple and straightforward. Shield divisions, Bar, Piles, Squarings, Rafter, Crosses, Sharpen[...]

Tschudy's Aegidius Swiss armorial gender

With registration of Tschudy's hand; Coat of arms with inscriptions and documentary staff notes from another's hand as Tschudy, But apparently originating from it. About 2500 with the spring gez. and illum. Coat of arms.