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Pictures of Roman Emperors and Kings of Hungary


Mapping of all the Roman emperors and German, true picture of all the dukes and kings in Hungary…

Palatina manuscripts or: Codices Palatini Germanic


The Heidelberg “Bibliotheca Palatina”, one of the most valuable collections of German manuscripts of the medieval and early modern, Since April 2009 fully available online. The collection includes 848 Codes with a total of approximately. 270.000 Pages and about. 7.000 predominantly previously undeveloped Miniatures. From the project of the German Palatine manuscripts of the Heidelberg University Library now follows a summary of some historical, genealogical and heraldic relevant manuscripts: Cod. Pal. germ. 081 – Augsburg gender- and Wedding Registry, 1574 1575 Cod. Pal. germ. 083 – Formularies (Kanzlei Herzog Otto II. of Palatinate-Mosbach Cod. Pal. germ.  [...]

Collection Redinghovenstraße


Johann Georg was born in Düsseldorf on Redinghovenstraße 10. November 1628, son of Dr. of. John Winand v. Reding Courts († 1631) und der Margaretha Mattenclot, He came from a patrician magistrates sex Nymwegens, which is already in 1 J. Centuries appears in documents. Johann Gottfried von Redinghovenstraße (+1705) deduced 1660 The National Archives-Jülich Bergische. Tirelessly he had made of archival, chronicles, etc.. in 79 Folio copies and originals of documents partly, and a lot of notes collected, for the history, and especially in the genealogy of[...]