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Niekammer: Pomeranian estates Address Book


List of all products with details of the estate property, with information about the owners, Tenant and manager, and an alphabetical location- and individuals and a manual register of the Royal authorities of the province!

Materials for materials History of Livonia

The Danish governor of Osel were: Claus von Ungern 1574-1576 Johann Uexküll Menz 1576 Georg Fahrenbach of Nelvi up 1584 Mathias Budde 1584 Johann Swabe up 1593 Claus look up Städt 1610 Frederick Schenk If Nils Kragge up 1613 Jacob Becke 1617 Friedrich Rantzow 1626 Andreas Bille 1639 to 1641 Woldemar Christian, Duke of Holstein 1642