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The Basic Book of the City Dirschau

Dirschau was founded in Pomeranian time, was 1308 the Teutonic Knights, was 1433 destroyed by the Hussites and elected in the year 1454 together with the other Prussian cities, the King of Poland to his patron. At the 4. October 1577 plundered the supporters of the Polish king, the city and set it on fire, so that within three to four hours, all was destroyed Dirschau. In the two Swedish-Polish war was more important than Dirschau place on the Vistula often the focus of military events, litt unter  [...]

Jan Rembowski in der Gruppe von Grundbesitzern in Galizien

Ein toller Zufallsfund ist dieses Foto für mich! Fotografiert wurde es um 1865 von Walery Rzewuski (1837-1888) und stellt eineSechser Gruppe von Grundbesitzern in Galizien” give. Das Besondere dabei: auf diesem Foto ist Jan Rembowski (1821-1889) zu sehen. Siehe Genealogien in der Datenbank. Source: CBN Polona, Nationalbibliothek F.15090

The rural residences, Palaces and residences of the Knights scientific landowners in the Prussian monarchy

In the years 1857-1884 Alexander is the publisher Duncker, a 16-volume work on the bottom called residences, Castles and residences released. Of the total 959 Single sheets relate 92 the Prussian province of Pomerania to 1857. Of the other provinces of Silesia 227 Views of the most common, throughout the province of Prussia only 72 Image examples are offered. Schleswig-Holstein with 5 Views represented. The declared aim of the publisher was, to present as many stately homes and provided with a historical and family accompanying SCIENCE. (See Baltic Studies New Series, Bd. 82) Title:  [...]

History of the former landowners of Woffleben

Live in today as Woffleben 511 Population. The first mention of the place dates back to 927. In this document it is, that King Henry I. his wife, Mathilde, a tenth of the Wafilieba Zorgegau gave. Findings from the Pre-Roman Iron Age in the vicinity of the station show, that the area was inhabited in prehistoric times. In 1103 a church was built in the village, the 1751 has been described as dilapidated temple. A year later the church had to be demolished, But even 1755 konnte[...]