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Weddings in the Nicolai church of Greifswald 1618 to 1827


List all of Greifswald in Nicolai parish dared couples years 1618-1827 and all births 1792-1816 Marriages: Births:  

List of all births in the Nicolai church in Greifswald, in the year 1701 to 1816


The Digital Library of Mecklenburg published the above-mentioned multi-volume work: List of all natives of Greifswald in the Nicolai church and baptized with a register of all children born in wedlock and an extra register of all illegitimate from the period 1701-1746 List of all common native of Greifswald in the Nicolai of the year 1792 to 1816

The sex Boehmer-Behmer from Pomerania

The story begins with Nicholas observations in Rügenwalde, which end 1591 or early 1592 was born in Greifswald. He is the progenitor of the known living branches of the sex. In his hometown, he had studied law and moved to 1615 after about Rügenwalde. A year later he was a member of the guild of merchants and lived in the house on Long Street behind the Town Hall, that his wife Veronica brought into the marriage. Santa observations was 1628 Councilor and 1634 Treasurer, as well as 1642 Mayor in Rügenwalde. He was 1635 Provisor first St. Mary's Church.

Pomeranian genealogies

Pomeranian genealogies: Association of Greifswald writing division of the Society for History of Pomerania and Altherthumskunde ; Font-Pomeranian Association of Rügisch division of the Society for Pomeranian and Gechichte Altertthumskunde in Stralsund and Greifswald, Co-creators of these works was Theodor Pyl (1826-1904)