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Complete collection of all the inscriptions in the cemetery in Leipzig


Even if it's not everyone's thing is to walk between graves, for the family, this research work unimagined ways of looking at, as a legacy of three centuries 2000 Inscriptions!

Die Sammlung Codices Iconographici (CodIcon online) compiled from the genealogical point of view

The "codes iconographici" form the last group of Western handwriting BOD, to which there still is no printed catalog. Die Signatur Cod.icon. denotes a fund of manuscripts of the Bavarian State Library, by Johann Andreas Schmeller 1835 was part of the reorganization described in the Munich court library in a handwritten Repertory scarce and realigned. The collection “Codices iconographici” currently comprises nearly 550 Objects. They illustrate the corresponding objects, often at a high artistic level. (Left the grave monument of Elector Moritz of Saxony in Freiberg Cathedral)