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Address all countries of the merchants, Manufacturers can. Landowner


Address all countries of the world merchant, Manufacturers, Tradesmen, Landlords etc and also with commercial geography, Product- you. Manufacturer-specified terms of the years 1845 to 1868, published by Leuchs & Co to Nuremberg.

Large state-trading book or- and business address books for the Rhine Province

Under the exact title of Large Land-commerce and business address or address books for individual states and provinces of the Rhine Province, Band 1, Region of Cologne and Düsseldorf Region, This book was published in February 1901 Berenberg'schen in the book printing and publishing house Hanover, more than 1700 Pages long. Cologne Region: With the circles Bergheim, Euskirchen, Rheinbach, District of Bonn, Victory Circle, Waldbröl, Wipperfürth, Mülheim (Rhine), District Cologne, Bonn Düsseldorf Region: With the circles Lennep, Neuss, Circle Gladbach, Kempen, in the Rhineland, Funds, Cleve, Rees, Krefeld, Grevenbroich, Mettmann, Food, Mörs, City of Duisburg, District food,  [...]