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German sex tape books 191 to 195 (Genealogical Handbook Bügerlicher families)

Urkunde 3

The above volumes are available in the Hathi Trust Digital Library. Also the “download page at a time” is possible.

Finally Online: Pomeranian Geschlechterbuch Bd. 2 and 3


Bernhard Koerner was approximately 50 Years editor of the Strong Genealogical Publishing's birth family guide CD-ROM 9 German sex book volume 65-72 Strain effects: Achenbach, Alsen, Ammann, Anderson, Arndt, Bach, Bahrdt, Bauck, Bayer, Becker, Boehm, Bohemian, Bohm, Borck, Borgmann, Bosch, Bossert, Brother, Buchner, Carl, of the Crone, Delliehausen, Dittmar, Dittrich, Ebel, Noble, Ehmicke, Eickelkamp, Finsler, Fisherman, Flege, Frevert, Frohne, Frost, Fox, Gail, Gervinus, Grutzmacher, Grunwald, Haakh, Haenisch, Hallwachs, Harpf, Hasse, Heck, Hein, Heldman, Helwing, Heuser, Heyn, Hollatz, White wood, Housselle, Ihlefeld, Jahn, Jaup, Kannenberg, Waiter, Kessler,  [...]

Historical Geschlechterbuch the city of Augsburg

From the contents: Coat a result of older extinct Augsburg patrician family crest due to the 1538 existing old patrician family of Augsburg arms due to the 1538 newly ennobled families of Augsburg arms due to the 1548 in the Augsburg city council appointed councilors and judges signature: BSB Cod.icon. 312 b, von Paul Hector Mair, Augsburg around 1550 BSB Munich online version

Genealogical Handbook of bourgeois families – German sex books


The German sex book came from 1889 to 1943 Genealogical handbook entitled middle class families and put it in this time 119 Volumes, Bernhard Koerner of the genealogist in the C. A. Strong publishing by the year 1943 published in Goerlitz. More than 4.000 Families are treated. After an interruption of 12 Years, the series from 1956 with the tape 120 under the name "German sex book," continued. In 2007 band appeared 219. The sold out 119 Volumes of genealogical handbook since mid-December[...]