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Sources and presentations on the history of West Prussia


History of Gdańsk arbitrariness – Simson, Paul (Download) Studies on West Prussian materials History. 3, History of Stutthof – Muhl, John Adolf (Download) The story Koshnavia : Their population in 1772 and end 1919 – Rink, Joseph (Download) Criminal law in the city of Danzig to the Carolina Association of Danzig with the Prussian monarchy (1532-1793) – Meye, Albrecht (Download) The Basic Book of the City Dirschau – Elizabeth Kloss (Download) Walther, Rolf: Die Danziger Bürgerschaft im 18. Century background and employment, Danzig 1938 Löschin, Gotthilf: Mayor,  [...]

The Valais district administrator or stag since the year 1500

The major contracts, the 1569 closed with the return of the two bailiwicks Evian and Valley between the Valais and the Duke of Savoy were and some of the prior trial reports have been written both in German and in French and Latin.

The memoirs of Count Ernst von Munnich

Count Ernst von Munnich, The author of this memoir of the years 1758, was the son of the well known and very famous in his time, derived from Oldenburg Russian Field Marshal Count Burchard, Christoph von Munnich (1683-1767) This was not only an engineer and builder of the Ladoga canal made a name for, but also as a general, the 1734 Danzig, 1736 the Crimea and 1737 The Turkish fortress conquered. 1740 He threw some grenadiers of the Russian imperial rulers hated Biron, Duke of Courland, but soon after he was[...]

History of the Russian nobility

With the new year 1015 the real story begins Russian nobility; the Grand Duke Vladimir, who was revered as a saint by all, divided his kingdom among 11 Sons and a nephew. This caused constant disagreements and wars. For orientation, the author divides this work and describes in detail the gender, whose origin goes back to Rurik, This is followed by the boyar families, The Prince, Earls and barons of whom many were not of Russian descent….

Freiburg Document Server (FreiDok)

The Freiburg Document Server is a small tip, I now want to introduce a little closer. The “Freiburg Document Server” together with additional full text servers of other universities have a “Virtual Research Library” He was in the context of ” Perspectives for the Young Generation” set up the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and maintained by the Freiburg University Library. The electronic documents are developed as conventional literature and the Southwest German Library Network (SWB) and demonstrated in the Freiburg online catalog. This ensures, that both conventional and electronic publications are recorded in a single catalog. In addition to tapping into[...]