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Genealogical Handbook of matriculated nobility in Bavaria


The Genealogical Handbook of the aristocracy are enrolled in Bavaria after the 1808 represented in the Kingdom of Bavaria in a separate registered families of nobility. The handbook is published every two-year cycle.

De Danske Majorater. And genealogisk Haandbog


Genealogical Handbook of the members of the Danish nobility. For example, the noble family of Krogh, in the 17. Century came to Denmark. (Spelling of the name Krogh, Kroghe, Croghe, Hooks, Krough etc.)

Collection of German families to sell books on DVD

Genealogical Handbook of bourgeois families on CD-ROM. Sources and compilation, with the stem sequences German bourgeois gender. I offer on behalf of the following collection of German families to purchase books: This includes volumes 1-161 on 20 CD's or. DVD ( Bd. 19-24 exists only as a copy. Summaries can be found here: System: DVD drive, Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista; Windows 7; Mac: OS X ab ab 10.4 Single copies of the German sex books on DVD, Strong cost new to publishing 45, 50 zzgl Porto. Subscription, the rate of price[...]

Genealogical Handbook of Baltic and armorial knighthoods


The states of Estonia and Latvia after 1. World War II from the historic landscapes of Livonia, Estonia, Kurland and Osel emerged, whose history has been determined for centuries by the knights of the resident German nobility. The respective sovereign guaranteed the privileges and so was able to knighthood by the end of 19. Century, the dominant and large landowning class of the country. All the expenses were kindly provided by the BSB Munich are available and may be downloaded for personal use. On the side of the university library Tartu moreover it is also possible[...]

European genealogical guide to Google

European genealogical guide: where the latest news from all the houses now reigning European kings and emperors, and spirit of all- Churchill and secular- and Prince, as well as Count of the Holy Roman Empire, ingleichen of the Cardinals, Members of the Knights …, by Christian Frederick Jacobi, Friedrich Gottlob Krebel, Gleditsch publisher in Leipzig editions 1752 to 1800 Download as (Edition: BSBBSB10428532)