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The family Plathner


As early as 1639 The family was in possession of a pedigree for the family to preserve the memory of their ancestors. For the same purpose, Christoph Friedrich the news about himself and his family 1741 enshrined in the Universal Dictionary Zedlerischen. In his will, dated 18. December 1749 He asked to make about this tradition. Christoph Friedrich was the son of the mayor Andreas on 10. February 1671 Born in the town of Mulhouse.

The family history of coming from Lower Bacmeister


The Bacmeister occur first in the Ancient imperial city of Goslar in a deed dated 2. July 1284 on, leased in which the cathedral chapter of Goslar to the Dietert Bacmester Johan and Johan Heidenreich along with the families at the lower mill Gose. One might conclude from, that Johan has been a miller Bacmester, which is unlikely at a later examination of the Verhätlnisse is. The Bacmeister had been established in Goslar in the country and citizens money back and to one of the most distinguished and influential guilds, namely, the coin belonged. Whose chief[...]

Documentary history of the family von Pentz


The Prince's Council, and Vogt to Schwerin, Joachim von Pentz has left behind two sons: Ulrich and Helmold. From those derived from the line Scharbow, from this the line Raguth. Initially, Ulrich's descendants were to Raguth, which it has first to 1533 exchanged against Scharbow. Ulrich had this much is known only to a son named Claus. The CV of the younger Claus can be traced fairly accurately. He first appears in 1490 together with his mother, Catherine. His father was no longer alive and he[...]

Family history of Kardorff


The name of the sex of Kardorff is German and means at the present dialect, the word “Kirchdorf”. So he is hardly in divergent form of early. The family is one of the oldest families in Mecklenburg. The book also influenced keep the seal of the family, and the emblem of Ratke Kerkdorp to Nikör (from the church in Dargun) The pedigree is as usual botched by Google. Famous namesakes: Siegfried of Kardorff (* 1873; † 1945), German politician and lawyer Ursula von Kardorff (* 1911; † 1988), German[...]

The arms of the patrician Brunswick- Rats and gender


The genealogies of the old patrician- Council and families can be found in the database in detailed form. Literature: Reidemeister, Sophie: Brunswick patrician genealogies- Rats and gender, Edited by Werner spit, Brunswick: Johann Heinrich Meyer 1948