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Basel Bürgerbuch


Contains all naturalized at the time the families of the city of Basel, with remarks of its origin, the time of the civil rights record, and the first ethnic group of people and those, for the civil service, Church Service, or memorable for science were. Everything is in alphabetical order and provided with historical notes, or heraldic panels. Also included are up to the year 1836 extinct citizens sexes in Basel. Swell: Lutz, Markus: Baslerisches Bürgerbuch, containing all currently naturalized in the city of Basel gender, together with the display of their origin, Civil rights record and its first settlers,  [...]

Royal Bavarian aristocratic ladies calendar


Genealogy of the Royal House, Court- and religious festivals, Court Her Majesty the Queen, Royal convent for St. Anne in Würzburg, Display the ladies of nobility, Men whose royal consorts. Bavarian treasurer are, Latest Overview of departure and the arrival of the riding and driving post to Munich.

History of the baronial and ducal dynasty of Krassow


The family of one of the older nobility Krassow of the Principality of Rügen and is already 1294 in the register of the Roskilde bishop mentioned. During the 15. Century was divided into three main lines of the sex. The founder of the first and most purchasers of Dambahn was Claus von Krassow. This line was extinguished, however, in the year 1565 Hans von Krassow. After the termination of this line, the dukes of Pomerania, the proposed goods as completed back to their board materials, But compared 1577 by Henry James,  [...]

Messages from the family of Wulffen


The gender of house-Wulff'sche Neindorf in Halberstadt derives its name from the predator “Wulf and Wolf” from. Accordingly, it called itself Schlechtweg Wulf or Wolf without the preposition “of”. At the time of Leopold Kaisof (1658-1705) It was custom, the name of the old nobility in general, the preposition “of” vorzusetzen. The sons of Heinrich Christoff added to the name nor the ending “science” and then the race was called henceforth “Wulffen”.

The noble family of Prittwitz


The legend begins not taking into account the truly authentic story of the noble family of Prittwitz with the beginning of 14. Century. The oldest document is dated 1308. Was after Sinapius 1316 a Heigerus de Pretticz miles in Herzo Boleslaw III. Liegnitz and this should be Heigerus later found to have the court of Duke Conrad of Oels. A Heigerus de Prittwicz was 1326 his granddaughter, Elizabeth appointed guardian. The father of the granddaughter, Ingram Trachenberg is a prematurely deceased daughter of Heigerus[...]