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The pedigrees of Samuel Lenz


From the contents: From the kings and emperors in Italy in the ninth and following Seculis The kings and emperors in Italy by the X. The Seculo Marggrafen Jurea of ​​the Roman whore, the Carolingian imperial family of the XI. Seculi The Saxon emperors and dukes Fränckischen The Emperor Of the Earl of Supplingenburg The Swabian Emperor, the Counts of Rheinfelden and Thuringia Men The Luxe TPF source: Spring, Samuel: Samuel Lentzens the Prince of-court Cöthenschen- and Weimar government council ordinary sheets of the Historical and Genealogical research designed as much for the same imperial history relevant and[...]

The Württembergische Family Foundations


Individual contributions, some genealogies of individual foundations, some historical information on individual foundations have been developed in the works of Johann Jacob Moser and Rev. terminal.

The history of the family Zernecke


The emblem has a custom of following, probably the councilor John Thorner Zerneke (1620-1703) before 1688 assumed. The picture and the colors of the arms are made of: In blue shield with a red heart tingiertem, the three-, five or six-petalled Rose is decked in green stems. On the helmet are again the three roses in the same colors, between which a white dove with outstretched wings is ready. Schnabel, Eyes and feet are red, The Yellow Rose of Samenbutzen, the inside white helmet covers, outside blue. Names[...]

The house Rantzau – A family chronicle


The genealogy of the family began with the documentary 1226 John Ritter mentioned Ranzow, the lock on Rantzau settled in Plön. He served as a squire in the service of Adolf IV. and was to 1235 elevated to knighthood. Johann von Rantzau was the founder of the various lines Rantzauer, the following centuries, the history of Schleswig-Holstein influenced. Heinrich (1526-1598) Heritage of Breitenburg, Melbeck and stubbornness Hagen, brought it to a sum of 20 Goods: of his cousins, he earned Rantzau and the Beautiful Weida, Furthermore Wandesburg, Hattstedt, Ovendorp, Stelnow,  [...]

Ancestor lists and stories of bourgeois families in alphabetical order


In this section I want to point to printed family histories and genealogical lists from the net to download, sorted by alphabet. Perhaps looking for one or the other just to name these resources to further information or advice. The list is not updated more regularly, mein Bestand an Büchern aber wächst rasant weiter! Fragt einfach nach!