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Pictures from the past of Dynastengeschlechtes Castell


The ancestral sex: Friderich de Castel lived in 1058 near Bamberg. Rupreth de Castello testified on 10. August 1091 an exchange of goods between the Bishop of Wurzburg, and two brothers and Richizo Winither.

Records of the family of Diezelsky


The original name was Dziecielski (derived from Specht) The sex Diezelsky now called, is from a from father to son orally transmitted story, of a Persian (Lost) descend, who had settled at the time of conversion of the Gentiles in the reign of Lauenburg and grown. His name is Dargooder (Polish Dargolewo) have been named. This Dargo fed on animal husbandry and hunting.

Genealogy answer questions until the year 1707


Content: The Christian emperors and kings, the Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, the bishops, Abbots and abbesses, the secular princes, Palatine, Dukes and earls source: Family Tree : The student youth to facilitate, compiled into Kurtze, and up to the year 1707 forth out, Zerbst and Berlin: 1707

The stock register of the families of the civil town of Zofingen


From the ancient towers of the city were or are still Dam, the, the powder tower and torture tower, The expanded and provided with proper windows, now comfortable and friendly residents a view of the Wigger, Jura and Alps granted. Since the 40's have been cleaned up dramatically in Zofingen, Been all gendering (Doors and curtain walls) have fallen.

Bassermannsche Family News


The progenitor Dietrich Bassermann is to 1644 drawn in a circle Windecken Hanau. Here he and his wife Christine were born two children: at the 8. June 1645 the son of William, who was baptized in the Church Hospital Hanau and 1648 Little son Johann Dietrich. Dietrich Bassermann had about six years, the high wind mill in corners, before he moved to Ostheim. It has been documented, that he 30 Years old was in the year 1645 – He died in the age of 67 1682. Is reported by John Dietrich, that on 1. February[...]