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History of the Dukes of Zähringen

In October 1883 Baden Historical Commission decided to publish a story about the Duke of Zähringen. There was,, that the history of the branch line should be excluded to Teck. Main objective of this work is the origin of the Zähringer and their participation in the affairs of the kingdom, their social position, their possessions.. Das Ergebnis beinhaltet die ausführliche Vorgeschichte […]

Winterthur famous families in the New Year leaves the city of Winterthur Library 1885 to 1897

In this New Year leaves the city library Winterthur Swiss contributions were below nobles and personalities in a small edition of 225 to 234 Copies of published. As a source for genealogical research, they are therefore extremely valuable. Episonden all related and together form a historical journey through time, in deren Mittelpunkt immer wieder die Familie Steiner genannt wird.Like this:Like Loading…

Between empire state stem and caste domination: The Count of Stolberg and their relationship to the Landgrave of Thuringia

With the emergence of the medieval feudal system was the emergence of the landlords as economic and legal form of organization of the land associated. Of these, based on the classic manors lordships differed qualitatively the form of rule of the counts and the noble lords or. Dynasten, die eine Art Zwitterstellung zwischen diesen und der sich herausbildenden Landesherrschaft der Fürsten einnahm.Like […]


Fritz Liesegang in Magdeburg

Helmuth Friedrich Immanuel (Fritz) Liesegang was the son of the Rev. Hermann Liesegang people, and Elizabeth Abbot at 4.5.1871 born in Techow. For economic reasons it was not possible for him to study medicine, so he decided to, pursue a military career. His training, he decided at the Kaiser Wilhelm Academy (der Pépinére, eine Hochschule für […]


Environmental scientists William Liesegang from Ilfeld

William was born the son of Liesegang Liesegang hotel owner Emil (1858-1929) and his wife, Charlotte Pabst from Lipprechterode (1870-1944) His father William Edward (1810-1880) Master tailor in Ilfeld, was the brother of my great-great-great-great-grandfather, Friedrich August Liesegang, Gardeners in Ileld. William had three other siblings Liesegang, of which Walter (1899-1997) das Hotel vom Vater […]

Joachim Lambert IV. Minister and senior pastor inspector to Spandau

Joachim Lambert was born on 28.1.1658 Born in Kyritz. Since the family had before him Lamprecht three carriers of the same name, He was Joachim IV. called. The Lamberts were among the oldest families of the city council detectable. As the old records were destroyed by the magistrate Kyritzer larger fires, war man bei der Erforschung der ältesten Geschichte […]

Historical sources on the history of Livand, Estonia and Courland

In the high Middle Ages began the subjugation of the Baltic country by the Knights since the beginning of the 13. First century of Riga (Livonian Order) from 1226 Also of Kulm in today's Poland and the Baltic penetrated up to 1300 large areas were brought under their rule. As a "German-Baltic", the former German-speaking elite in the provinces of Livonia, Kurland […]

Family background and life of the anthropologist Gustav Schwalbe (1844-1916)

Gustav Schwalbe was the 1.8.1844 Born in Quedlinburg. His father, the physician Gustav Ferdinand, Albert died when Gustav was only two years old. No sooner had the family overcome this blow, was the next disaster. A fire at the 18.3.1849 brought the family to almost the entire I. So the family came from Caroline Swallow, the […]

Codex Falkensteinensis

The “Codex Falkensteinensis” or “Falkensteiner Codex” belongs to the genus of the source books tradition. The Code takes in the tradition of books has a special position, because he is the only surviving medieval tradition book of a highly secular nobility, während die anderen Traditionsbücher ausschließlich von geistlichen Grundherrschaften stammen.Like this:Like Loading…

Genealogy of the Lords of Holzschuher Harrlach of 1748 bite 1786

The work begins with Carl Siegmund Elias Holzschuher of Harrlach, Born on 2.2.1713, which 1743 Land Assessor pm- and farmers and the court was 21.10.1755 died. He was married to Helena Catharina, the daughter of Hans Friedrich wooden spoon by Colberg, Wag- and Customs and the bailiff in the court of Maria Catharina, Born on 14.6.1713. Berichtet wird über […]

Chronicle of domination Straupitz in Lower Lusatia

To rule Straupitz included the villages of Mocho, Straupitz and Laaso. The village was Straupitz 1346 a church village, The Wendish village comes Laaso 1447 in front of Lehnbriefen, Vorwerk is the first in a Mocho Lehnbrief 1565 called and was created by two brothers, Caspar and Christoph, Castle Count of Dohna. Like this:Like Loading…

From the Life of Princess Amalie Auguste

The present duchy of Nassau, was split into two principalities beginning of this century, once the princely branch of Nassau-Usingen and secondly, the royal line of Nassau-Weilburg. The line with the Emperor Adolph of Nassau-Usingen (+1298) among their ancestors, in the male line died out with the first Duke Friedrich August of Nassau, give. at the 23.4.1738 + 24.3.1816. Friedrich August wird beschrieben […]

Erich Liesegang, Director of the National Library Wiesbaden

Karl Richard “Erich” Liesegang born on 26.5.1860 Duisburg in the light of the world. His parents were originally from Pearl Mountain Dr. phil. Privy Councillor, Helmuth Karl Albert Liesegang (1827-1914) and his mother, born in Schwedt Agnes Marie Sophie Ottilie Jüngel (1836-1883) Daughter of the businessman Albert Jüngel and his wife Agnes Schweiger. Erich hatte noch […]

George Liesegang royal Prussian Government

Hans Georg Wilhelm Lies Gang comb pm 9.10.1855 in Potsdam of the royal Prussian first son. Upper control inspector Karl Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (1819-1875) and his wife Minna Constantia Emilie Hecker (1837-1906) to the world. His grandfather was a superintendent and pastor in Upper Mount Pearl. His career started off with the profession of a foreman 18.11.1880. Already on 21.2.1886 wurde Liesegang zum […]

Dr. Joachim Wilhelm Erdmann Liesegang (1791-1878) Superintendent and Oberparrer to Perleberg

Following in his Konfirmationam year on Holy Thursday 1806 Wilhelm went to visit his home town to the high school in Salzwedel, then under the direction of the Rector Heinzelmann and after his death in 1808 under the direction of the Rector Solbrig. An Ostern 1811 He left school with the certificate of maturity , um von dort […]

The Baroque library of Jodokus Hermann Nünning

The 7.570 Title comprehensive library on house watch is at its core from the private library of Jodokus Hermann Nünning. Jodokus Hermann Nünning (1675-1753) is the first historian, dealing as a numismatist with the non-writing traditional country story. His Sepulcretum, a 1713 published treatise on funeral rites, was still 1855 translated into German. Jodokus Hermann […]

Family tree search using the TNG Gendex Network and FamilyTreeSeeker

Meanwhile, there are many one million, which the genealogy hobby, Genealogy, Have prescribed Genealogy. And just as many websites to buzz around the Internet. The search for name occurrences, Family genealogies, Pedigrees, designed, therefore, usually very tedious and time consuming – a search service must be found.. Often you scroll hours from website to website and finds it […]

The family of Zieten

Common ancestors in the form of a first presentation of the strong publishing, I've found on the website of Dirk Peters. The book contains interesting for me, Hans Joachim von Ziethen. The work is quite extensive, plenty of biographies, a register of all family names and the list of goods. The purchase is worth all the time. Strong publishing, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-7980-0219-7Like […]

Genealogical table of the House of Brunswick

Attempt at a representation: The genealogy of the House of Brunswick with some cognatic relationships, by Paul Zimmerman, Brunswick 1909 Download as. Like this:Like Loading…

Ludwig Philipp Freiherr vom Hagen, a Prussian Minister of State of the County of Hohenstein

Among the prominent men, that emerged from the county Hohenstein, is also the Minister of Louis Philippe Hagen. His work was not devoted primarily to the County of Hohenstein, it is her but had benefited. Born 3. More 1724 Hagen's family estate on the old Stöckey, he devoted himself (wie schon zuvor […]