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Contributions to the history of the family of Seydewitz 1299 to 1875

The family of Seydewitz is referred to in ancient and modern genealogical magazines as one of the oldest noble families in the Meissen Country, Nowhere, however, find detailed messages about the family, or certified information on the age and origin. More recently, members of the family have therefore sought, explore in all accessible documents the family; […]

The chronicle of the family of Hessel from Kreuznach 1686-1886

The family is one of the Hessel Lutheran families of the place Kreuznach. The investigation into the church records show the following facts on: for the first time the name appears in Hessel 1689, with the person being baptized Johann Christoph Hessel, son of the hoof- armourer and Johann Philipp Hessel. In 1692 is the death of a six-year-old daughter reported. […]


Genealogies: Genealogies of the principal aristocratic patrician families Lüneburg

In the German imperial cities of the Middle Ages was formed from the 11. Century, a patrician from the former location of the local nobility or ministeriality out. They called themselves "gender". The patricians occupied the Council and other important municipal offices and attempted, to maintain an exclusive right to these offices, also die Patrizier zu den alleinigen […]


Baltic Genealogical Releases 1931-1939

From the contents of the following expenditure: The family coat of arms Aderkas The ancestors of the Provost Johann Ernst luck messages on the family (of) Peucker mit Stammtafel Zur Geschichte der Anreps auf Soor Das Geschlecht Karell Die Freiherrn von Wolff in Livland mit Stammtafel Etwas über die Familie Clayhills Ahnentafel des Landmarschalls Friedrich Freiherr von Meyendorff […]


Yearbook of the Heraldry Society “Eagle”

"Eagle" is the short name of the Heraldic-Genealogical Society "Adler" in Vienna, The Company was incorporated on 10. More 1870 as a society, founded in Vienna and Berlin, according to the Herald, the second oldest in Europe. The founders were mostly aristocrats and members of the emerging middle classes in Austria and Hungary. Genealogy, Heraldik und Sphragistik des österreichischen Adels standen […]


Genealogical Empire- and the State handbook

Of the independent and sovereign states inherited (monarchic) ruling houses and by the individual in the territories of the German Empire, reigning Elector, Princes and Counts. Of the spiritual electors and princes, The seat and vote in the Diet had. From the counts, the shank portion of the Empire state and had its share count without…. Neues […]