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The archive of key mountain

The Upper Austrian State Archives, through the generosity of the state representation since 1. September 1896 reorganized and placed in corresponding thereto spaces, has as its most valuable part of the “Schlüsselberger Archives”… which of the patriotic historian Johann Georg Adam Baron Hoheneck (even his own life story containing) based on its trunk lock and key mountain at Grieskrichen in 1834 was acquired by the states in the country for their archive.

Brandenburg Genealogical Yearbook 2009

Just out and provided with the following content is recommended above yearbook very: Brandenburg History * The former Saxon territories of Brandenburg * Stories of gold ruby ​​- glassmaking tradition of Kunckel to Kralik General Genealogy * Family trusts as a genealogical source - the example of Koephjohannschen Foundation in Berlin Brandenburg genealogy * Dr. Joachim Wilhelm Erdmann Liesegang (1791-1878), Superintendent and senior pastor at Perleberg * The family Fourestier in Berlin * The Heffter family - a traditional middle-class family from the Mark

The feudal lords and vassals of the castle and the glory Rheydt

The earliest inhabitants of the Lower Rhine level were the Celts. This ancient nation in the opinion of the Lore-language name Rheydt back which leads as they say- is derived from the Celtic word “rithi=Wasserfurt”. Besides the exact history is written extensively about the church and the feudal lords and vassals Rheydts until the time of French rule.

The aristocratic convent sea near Neuss

The presentation of the history of the monastery was at the instigation of Baron Friedrich von der Leyen-Bloemersheim. He was also undertook the design changes and so the buildings saved from destruction. In this way, a lot of memories, the former to the monastery and its former owner remembered, will receive. Besides the detailed description of the historical events since the foundation of the monastery, the geographic extent, a genealogy, Description of the donations and privileges, is particularly the list of champions, Nuns, Priors and priests of the monastery (versehen  [...]

Castle Archive

A recommended online directory to individual noble families, and manors, Castles from the states of Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Nordwestbayern und Baden-Württemberg.