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Journal of Low German family studies with a title- and author index

The Journal of Low German Family History (ZNF) is a genealogical journal, their main focus on family SCIENCE items to families in the Low German area is.

62. German Genealogentag


The motto is: Migratory movements in the Baltic region.

Yearbook of the Heraldry Society “Eagle”


"Eagle" is the short name of the Heraldic-Genealogical Society "Adler" in Vienna, The Company was incorporated on 10. More 1870 as a society, founded in Vienna and Berlin, according to the Herald, the second oldest in Europe. The founders were mostly aristocrats and members of the emerging middle classes in Austria and Hungary. Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics of the Austrian nobility were the focus of the activities of the "Eagle", who was one of the most respected companies very soon, dealing with historical auxiliary sciences.

Closed circles of social inbreeding marriage


The present study is a summary of the results of a degree thesis (1959) the Middle School Teacher Institute, Göttingen. It belongs to a series of research on the topic: “The socio-historical significance of closed social circles Marriage inbreeding” in northern Germany.

Genealogical Empire- and the State handbook


Of the independent and sovereign states inherited (monarchic) ruling houses and by the individual in the territories of the German Empire, reigning Elector, Princes and Counts. Of the spiritual electors and princes, The seat and vote in the Diet had. From the counts, the shank portion of the Empire state and had its share count without…. New genealogical Empire- and State Manual, Year 1766 New genealogical Empire- and State Manual, Year 1767 New genealogical Empire- and State Manual, Year 1768 New genealogical Empire- and State Manual, Year 1769 New genealogical Reich[...]