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Yearbook for Genealogy and Heraldry sphragistics

In the succeeding volumes of the Journal of Genealogy, Heraldry and sphragistics, published by the Courland Society for Literature and art are included among others the following genealogical tables: The pedigree of Henry Adolph Kursell and his descendants, The origin of the Polish branch of the von Heyden Klot and field, The genealogy of the family of Plettenberg, Die Genealogie der […]

The Thuringian sex life wall

The book is about the Thuringian sex life with the original wall to Gebesee, Leutenberg, Erfurt and the village of migrant life. It discusses the related family names tribes as Wandersleb, Wandesleben, Hiking and other life. It covers the early history of the tribe to 1600 and from the various branches of the tribe 1600 in Thuringia and Worms, During the French period […]

Book of the patrician family groping in Hildesheim

This work begins with the patrician Zacharias Tappen, to which 1500 Hildesheim lived and was married to Salome by dam. Salome came from the patrician family of that name in Brunswick. His son was Rötger Council- Mr. and trade in Hildesheim, and he owned a factory in Antwerp. He died in February 1564. Auch dessen Sohn […]

Materials for materials History of Livonia

The Danish governor of Osel were: Claus von Ungern 1574-1576 Johann Uexküll Menz 1576 Georg Fahrenbach of Nelvi up 1584 Mathias Budde 1584 Johann Swabe up 1593 Claus look up Städt 1610 Frederick Schenk If Nils Kragge up 1613 Jacob Becke 1617 Friedrich Rantzow 1626 Andreas Bille 1639 to 1641 Woldemar Christian, Graf zu […]

Lucia Dorothea Liesegang married Johann Gottlieb Lesser from Nordhausen

The appeal must be in front of the 11. November 1729 have taken place, because on this day married Johann Gottlieb in the Lesser Preetzer Fleckenskirche Lucia Dorothea LIESEGANG. Then in June he 1726 Utrecht promo celebrates ist be, can be his calling EDT Preetz between these two events. Johann Gottlieb Lesser war der Leibarzt des Herzogs von […]

The Engelbrecht family in Ilsenburg

For centuries, the name Engelbrecht closely linked with the history Ilsenburg. Peter Engelbrecht was black Burgi Counts shear Office Schösser to Sondershausen, Blades and Straußberg. His son was, it was christened the family tradition and in the name of Peter. Derselbe kam frühzeitig als Copist in die gräfliche Kanzlei nach Stolberg und dann zunächst zum Messinghandel nach Ilsenburg […]

Description of the chief nobility in Meissen, Saxony, Thuringia

And again, I've discovered a valuable work, that should not go unnoticed. This book covers many different noble families with coats of arms, Background and family history described. It is entitled: Therein Warhaftige proper description of the kings fürnembsten- Churchill- and Prince Graffen, Gentlemen,…Bisthumb Stiffte forts castles Empter, Cities…in Upper Saxony fürnemen Provintz, beneben der fürnemsten Herren […]

Achelis family in Bremen 1579-1921

Basis of this work is the work of Senator John Achelis, who evaluated in recent years of the last century the church records Bremen, the origin of the family over Bremen addition to Rostock and pursued from the Rostock Bürgerbuch the years 1421 to 1585 was the oldest messages on the Achelis ancestors. Like this:Like Loading

German Genealogentag

From the 11. – 14. September 2009 findet in der Stadthalle Bielefeld der 61. German Genealogentag instead. Nähere Informationen gibt es hier Der zentrale Kongress der deutschsprachigen Ahnen- und Familienforscher findet in diesem Jahr unter dem Motto Genealogie und Industriegeschichte statt. Die Übersicht aller VorträgeLike this:Like Loading

Links to Genealogy

These recommended links are already combined collections of important addresses for Genealogy, a single list to replace. I would like to fill this page and on pages of recommended list of fellow researchers and Genealogical Publishing. Like this:Like Loading

Journal of the resin Association for History and Archaeology

The resin Society for History and Archaeology was 1868 Founded in Wernigerode, among others, Edward Jacobs and George Bode. 1877 took over the Wolfenbüttel library director Otto Heinemann for twenty years presided. A longtime former chairman was Judge Walther Large. Nach der Auflösung des Vereins nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg erfolgte in den Westzonen dessen […]

Historic Genealogical Report from the Lords of Schaffgotsch

A very special jewel is this picture currently being browsed the internet works. It is handwritten and 331 Pages long. To the smallest detail is the Schaffgotsch described since its first appearance in history. First mentioned 1174 Hugo dictus Scof in Franconia. 1360 Gotsche Schoff is invested with the castle Kynast. Nachdem man die Herrschaft […]

Family history of the Barons of Uslar-kind

On the southern slope of the Sollinger forest, about 25 km northwest of Göttingen, lies in a valley traversed by the eels, the city Uslar, as “Husleri” already under the Abbot of Corvey Walho between 1011 and 1016 known. There is no doubt, dass von diesem Ort der Name des zum ritterschaftlichen hannoverschen Adel zählenden Geschlechts […]


CVs of funeral sermons

CVs of funeral sermons give some valuable insight into the former lives of the different classes, especially in cultural terms. For artisans and merchants, they tell us, how and where they obtained their training, began teaching at what age. These CVs are also a clear mirror for the purchase of Wanderlust- und Handwerksgesellen und der […]

Genealogical books on needle

The books and papers lying in PDF and DjVu format. The required plugin for the browser can download the adjacent sub-address and Becoming The installed. See also: Sammlung von Ahnenlisten und Nachrichten über Adelsgeschlechter in alphabetischer Reihenfolge und den Artikel zu den Adelslexika Like this:Like Loading

Wappen der Familie Rodbertus

Karl Rodbertus – Theorists of political economy and socialism

Johann Karl Rodbertus is in the intellectual history of 19. Jh. known as the founder of scientific socialism, conservative, the on's National, peaceful and legal means should be implemented. In the discussion of the revolution, he also tried to intervene, acting. He was elected to the National Assembly and was also 14 Minister of Culture, Ministry days Auerswald-Hansemann. After the […]

The Polish nobility

Although the Polish nobility of Constitution 1921 was abolished, the former noble families still maintain their history