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Letters from: The Post and Telecommunications Museum Foundation has the world's largest undeveloped collection of German war letters. War letters were already among the first pieces of the collection 1872 founded by Postmaster General Heinrich Stephan Reich Postal Museum, Post the first museum in the world.

Memorial Book for Beuthen sons died in the bloody struggle of the nations 1914 to 1918

Those: Honor and memorial book for Beuthen sons died in the bloody struggle of the nations 1914 to 1918 for people and country, a first Mach-drying to build a monument to heroes in Bytom OS, issued by the Committee to erect a monument, Bytom 1928

Dead memorial book in digital form

The church tradition, in Bethen (Cloppenburg), Marian shrine in the northern Germany, to commemorate the war dead from the Oldenburg, is since today (29. October) in new, contemporary form updated. The Bethener dead memorial book is in digital format worldwide now accessible over the Internet, erläuterten Wallfahrtspfarrer Monsignore Dr. Dirk Költgen und der Vechtaer Historiker und Kirchenarchivar Peter Sieve vor Pressevertretern.

Honor roll of fallen and missing medical officers of the German army in 1. World war

The following list contains the names to download, Rank, Death and cause of death 1724 in I. World War fallen, missing, or by injury, disease or medical officers who died in the German Army. The list is sorted by last name.

Life-history of the fallen officers in German Southwest Africa 1904-1907

In the following commemorative sheet to download, is the thought of many officers with short biographies, who lost their lives during the fighting in South Africa between 1904 and 1907.