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600 Mecklenburg colonists in Gdansk


The call of the Teutonic Knights to settle in distant, then still uneconomic East reverberated not ineffective. Thousands flocked to the families of the same.. While in the countryside, the old master and cultivators, the proud Polish landowners and the slavish servants still stayed quite a long time undisturbed in their ancestral seats and village communities, gathered in the cities of German life in a nation. Danzig as colonists city blossomed into a powerful trading center, testifies to the citizens of Danzig book, das sich von Mitte des 14.  [...]

The Gdansk Gender mockery Feldt


The sex of scorn Feldt came from Bremen. Here is the oldest ancestor of documentary evidence: 1351 Johannes Honvelt. He is followed in Bremen without detectability of family relationship to the year 1575: Hermannus Honvelt, 1367 Johannes Honvelt, 1386 Meiteke Honveldes, 1390 Lüdeke Honvelt, 1450 Albert Honvelde, 1566 Hinrick Honfeldt, 1575 Everdt Honfeldt. Among the latter were, the father of the first ancestor of Gdansk, Henrich mockery Feldt are. Henrich mockery Feldt is on 15.11.1597 Gdansk citizens, after at 10.11.1597 had married for the first time. His birth is so[...]

Address for Gdansk and its suburbs


Address issues: Year 1897 Year 1898 Year 1899 Year 1900 Year 1902 Year 1903 Year 1904 Year 1905 Year 1907 Year 1909 Year 1910 Year 1911 Year 1912 Year 1914 Year 1915 Year 1916 Year 1917 Year 1918 Year 1919 Year 1920 Year 1921 Year 1922 Year 1923 Year 1924 Year 1925 Year 1926 Year 1927 Year 1928 Year 1929 Year 1930 Year 1931 Year 1932 Year 1933 Year 1934 Year 1935 Year 1936/37 Year 1937/38 Year 1939 Freeman of the City: Chancellor Count Georg Leo von[...]