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Biography of the Baron Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein

The lords and from the stone, their first name in documents of the 11. and 12. Century is called, were a rich baronial sex, Burgmann in relation to the Counts of Nassau and involved in their gallant impromptu trains and exploits. As vassals of the empire they fought in the armies of the Emperor, for example, under Edward III. of England and the reign of Charles the Bold of Burgundy. So it happened that Louis was slandered by stone, been in the enemy camp from Koblenz to be. He was so volatile country,  [...]

Historic Genealogical Report from the Lords of Schaffgotsch

A very special jewel is this picture currently being browsed the internet works. It is handwritten and 331 Pages long. To the smallest detail is the Schaffgotsch described since its first appearance in history. First mentioned 1174 Hugo dictus Scof in Franconia. 1360 Gotsche Schoff is invested with the castle Kynast. After they had acquired the dominion Trachenberg, was the cousin of Adam Schaffgotsch as Barons Trachtenberg 1592 elevated to the peerage. 1627 Emperor Ferdinand II gave. the family the title Semper Free (Ritterbürtige) with[...]

History of the baronial family von Eichendorff

One of the oldest families in all of Germany, include Baron von Eichendorff. Luster and glory bestowed a member of this family, in which the German people the most talented poet of the Romantic school, the church one of its most loyal sons, State officials celebrated a deserved. The cradle of the Upper Silesian Eichendorff was located on the road between Opava and Beneschau German-Krawarn. This place, is one of the most populous villages of the district Ratibor, is also one of the oldest in the whole region. Krawarn already appeared 1224 at the time of[...]

Book of the Barons of Müllheim

This work was originally intended only for the inner circle of family 150 Copies. It was published in four parts with an introduction on the origin of sex and its first branches, These were the v. Müllheim-calf lane, The Hildebrant, the stronghold of hamlet, the Fronhof, with the sieve and the Roseburg.