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Pedigree of the Napoleonic family with historical notes


Napoleon was born 1769 and baptized according to Corsican custom 1771 came from the patrician family Buonaparte in Sarzana, since there 1529 detectable. He was the second son of Carlo Buonaparte and Letizia Ramolino, came from this marriage 13 children together, of which 5 Children died in infancy. The family belonged to the Corsican gentry and had since the early 16. Century to the present island. Bonaparte was 1804 crowned Emperor.

Genealogy in France just a click away

The following message in French I've just discovered. The translation may sound a bit bumpy, The meaning is perfectly clear but! Rare documents with a few clicks. Seit gestern sind die Kirchenbücher aus dem sechzehnten Jahrhundert bis in das späte achtzehnte Jahrhundert und die wichtigen Unterlagen von 1793 to 1902 available in digital form. These are the archives of the Bas-Rhin. Today's open day. Den ganzen Artikel findet ihr auf der Webseite