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Wer waren die Eltern von Jacob Georg Moritz von Behr (3.1.1693-30.6.1760)

Oder wer kann mit Kopien aushelfen? Gesucht wir der ArtikelDas Geschlecht von Behr auf Stellichte, Häuslingen und Hoya” Those: Zeitschrift für niedersächsiche Familiengeschichte (ZNF) No.. 36, 1961 Seite ab Seite 87

From the estate of Baron Ferdinand von Achatz of Asseburg

Memoirs of Ferdinand Achatz of the Asseburg (1721-1797) Erbherr to Falkenstein and Meisdorf. Russian imperial privy council and minister plenipotentiary at the Diet of Regensburg, Knight of the Order of St. of St. Alexander Nevsky and the Danish flag – from those found in the estate handwritten papers… Lichen led out with information about sex since Asseburgische 13. Century, clarification on, that it was in earlier times, no counts of the Asseburg, also that of the castle and the aces of Hagen did not have a common origin. A refutation[...]

Family history of sleeves

The name of the bourgeois family, originally a sleeve was undoubtedly “Hülse”, this emerges from the old church book records (Ego Paulus Huelse Misnicus Martisburgensis) Since 1768 Paul Gottfried moved to Premnitz sleeves at Rathenow and since then the name was written resistant sleeves. The oldest ancestor was a Otmar sleeve, as the honorable member of the guild of Beutler was located in Merseyside.

History of sex uradelichen Aufseß in Franconia

During the lifetime of Henry II. Bamberg grew up at a considerable town, the neighboring countries for the slave was a place of Christian culture. Through contracts, the desert castles and stone castle Aufseß Count's fief. The viscount gave up all of the shares purchased Aufseß castle and promised his protection; however, promised the Aufseß the viscount, with its fortress against anyone Freienfels, to provide with the exception of the Bishop of Bamberg defense. They allowed the Viscount in their castles and Aufseß Freienfels his soldiers whenever he wanted, accommodate[...]

On the history of the Haniel family from Pomerania

Under German and Wendish names first diving center of the 16. Century, the name taken from the Bible Hanniel in Pomerania and the Neumark. The meaning of the name means: “God's grace, God's mercy”. The first of the name is found in the Universitätsmatrikeln of Frankfurt an der Oder 1554 the student of Joachim Hanniel Pyritz, one of the oldest cities founded by the Wends of Pomerania, whereas in 13. Century in the resettlement of the Poles by wars and fighting among the Pomeranian Duke Bogislaus I. depopulated[...]