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The stock register of the families of the civil town of Zofingen


From the ancient towers of the city were or are still Dam, the, the powder tower and torture tower, The expanded and provided with proper windows, now comfortable and friendly residents a view of the Wigger, Jura and Alps granted. Since the 40's have been cleaned up dramatically in Zofingen, Been all gendering (Doors and curtain walls) have fallen.

History of the family-Hevelke Hewelcke and the astronomer Johannes Hevelius


The earliest news of the family dates back to Hevelke 1434. After the credentials of the city authorities Otter Village, Henry was a Havelke, the man in Danzig Hevelke van der Osten nannte, in Gdansk in 1433 or even died without heirs before. Because he had owned property in Gdansk, it must also be citizens and have been married, because every citizen had to marry. It is thus assumed to be, that Henry had lived many years in Gdansk Havelke. Henry had three more siblings, including Gert Havelke, be the[...]

The house Rantzau – A family chronicle


The genealogy of the family began with the documentary 1226 John Ritter mentioned Ranzow, the lock on Rantzau settled in Plön. He served as a squire in the service of Adolf IV. and was to 1235 elevated to knighthood. Johann von Rantzau was the founder of the various lines Rantzauer, the following centuries, the history of Schleswig-Holstein influenced. Heinrich (1526-1598) Heritage of Breitenburg, Melbeck and stubbornness Hagen, brought it to a sum of 20 Goods: of his cousins, he earned Rantzau and the Beautiful Weida, Furthermore Wandesburg, Hattstedt, Ovendorp, Stelnow,  [...]

Collection of documents on the history of sex Maltzan


Maltzahn or Maltzan, In the early period Molzahn, is the name of a sex uradeligen from Mecklenburg and Western Pomerania, with the Bernhardus de Mulsan, Episcopal ratzeburgischer feudatories, in 1194 It was first documented and appear with Ludolf Moltzan, Burgmann than in the years to Gadebusch 1256 to 1283 called, the master series begins. The older family members are named as Moltzan. Joachim von Maltzan (1492–1556) changed the name of the tribe Penzlin to Maltzan. The members of the tribe Sarov write against it Maltzahn. (Articles in Wikipedia)

History of the baronial and ducal dynasty of Krassow


The family of one of the older nobility Krassow of the Principality of Rügen and is already 1294 in the register of the Roskilde bishop mentioned. During the 15. Century was divided into three main lines of the sex. The founder of the first and most purchasers of Dambahn was Claus von Krassow. This line was extinguished, however, in the year 1565 Hans von Krassow. After the termination of this line, the dukes of Pomerania, the proposed goods as completed back to their board materials, But compared 1577 by Henry James,  [...]