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The Secret Book of Honour of the Fuggers

What a highlight of the art of printing! And in general…what a treasure is here placed on the Bavarian State Library as well as online edition and also available for download. The "Secret Honor Book" made between the Fuggers 1545 and 1549 the workshop of the Augsburg artist Jörg Breu the Younger. an. The manuscript is an impressive example of self-expression and the Fuggers of Augsburg's an excellent product illumination of the late Renaissance. She is considered one of the most important and most valuable books of the German-speaking family. (Quote)

Book of the Barons of Müllheim

This work was originally intended only for the inner circle of family 150 Copies. It was published in four parts with an introduction on the origin of sex and its first branches, These were the v. Müllheim-calf lane, The Hildebrant, the stronghold of hamlet, the Fronhof, with the sieve and the Roseburg.