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The eight hundred year history of the noble family Isenberg


In the County of Mark, on the border of the Bergisch land expands the Isenberg (BOSTON Hattingen) Insignificant today are the remains of the castle, Here the once proud towered over the area and was the ancestral castle of the Counts of Isenberg. Already 1113 displays a count Luitbert (Libbert, Lubbert) Isenberg as abbot of becoming too, probably the last rung, which turned here and presided. Upon the expiration of that went to the Emperor, the county as a completed feudal kingdom and in the second half of the 12. Century[...]

Clemens August Freiherr von Droste Vischering the controversial Archbishop of Cologne

Droste zu Vischering

Clemens August, comes from one of the oldest aristocratic families of the Westphalian, of the family of Baron Droste Vischering. From it emerged men, will always be in our history is important. Here is called the Prince Bishop Bernard of Galen or the Minister of Fürstenberg. The older line had in Westphalia 19. Century house Lütke Beck, Asbeck, Vorhelm, Darfeld with the surge Darfeld, Holtwick, Rockel, Visbeck, Woersche, Kakesbeck, Vehaff, Vischering, Bevern, Mengede and Long. In the Kingdom of Hanover were Brandlecht, Caldenhoff, Haselüne and Lenger layer in[...]

History of the Earls of Virneburg from its beginnings up to Robert IV.

The counts of Virneburg occur in the area of ​​the old Mayengaues. The first count and the Castell Virneburg are around the year 1112 surely as. Must have this castle but there were earlier, because in order 1052 a “De Berne Uirniburc” called. A Count Hermann was the daughter of the Count of Nassau and Elisa von Schaumburg, Married Countess of Nassau. That he gave the right to the patrimony of his mother, who came from the house of Isenburg. The fact that Herman was anxious, not diminished[...]