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Home literature for the district of Nordhausen and environment


The district of Nordhausen is the northernmost district of Thuringia. Neighboring districts are in the north and east of Saxony, the two- Anhalt counties resin and Mansfeld-Südharz, in the south of Kyffhäuserkreis, the west of the county Eichsfeld and northwestern districts of Lower Saxony Osterode and Goslar. In the Middle Ages, the region belonged to the county Hohnstein, Nordhausen was himself from 1220 Free Imperial City. By the Peace of Westphalia, the county was in large part to Prussia. In 1802 Nordhausen lost his imperial city status. 1816 entstand ein Kreis Nordhausen innerhalb der neugebildeten preußischen  [...]

Pastor Johann Valentin Liesegang in Ilfeld

Valentin war 1612 vermutlich als Sohn des Bürgermeisters von Ellrich, Burchard Liesegang geboren worden. Sein Vater war zuerst Kämmerer in Ellrich und 1618, 1621 and 1624 hiesiger Bürgermeister wie dasRote Buch des Magistratsverrät. Bruder Hans ist dort ab 1627 als Ratsmitglied und ab 1649 als Bürgermeister genannt. At the 25.7.1643 wurde Valentin in Ilfeld als Pastor eingeführt. Er gilt als der älteste Kirchenbuchführer des Ortes. Zuvor war er acht Jahre als Lehrer tätig. Eine gußeiserne Grabplatte, die in die Wand eines zur Krypta führenden  [...]

History of the former landowners of Woffleben

Live in today as Woffleben 511 Population. The first mention of the place dates back to 927. In this document it is, that King Henry I. his wife, Mathilde, a tenth of the Wafilieba Zorgegau gave. Findings from the Pre-Roman Iron Age in the vicinity of the station show, that the area was inhabited in prehistoric times. In 1103 a church was built in the village, the 1751 has been described as dilapidated temple. A year later the church had to be demolished, But even 1755 konnte  [...]

Ellrich a town in the Harz and its history

On the southern edge of the lower resin, im Tal der Zorge, is beautifully embedded in the landscape of the city Ellrich. The settlement was founded in 876 the first time as “Alarici” mentioned and currently has about 4.000 Population. Since 1869 There is a train connection to Nordhausen and Northeim. Over the centuries, Ellrich was one of several counties and was 1286 City law. In the 14. and 16. Century was the site of a cut point for trading on the resin. Under the rule of the Counts Hohnsteiner the city received 1332 the right of coinage. Bis  [...]

Julius hut eventful fate of an oppressive place in the southern Harz

Few places in the southern Harz region were hit by turmoil such as Julius hut between 1944 and 1964. By those in power, this town was abused, bruised and obliterated. Were at various points of Südharzer karst landscape in the last years of the war underground workshops for aircraft parts and built V-weapons, so in the throat at home Uftrungen, at Stempeda, Niedersachswerfen, Woffleben and Ellrich. The largest facility of its kind that was approximately 40 km long tunnel system at the Kohnstein Niedersachswerfen, where about 35 000 Prisoners, the V 1 und V 2  [...]