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Pomeranian pictures of life


The National Research Centre for History in the province of Pomerania is thanks to this collection of Pomeranian pictures of life. Recorded exclusively born in Pomerania; an exception is Robert von Puttkamer, whose family is connected with Pomeranian closely. Pomeranian pictures of life: Martin Wehrmann u. Adolf Hofmeister, Szczecin : Leon Sauniers, 1934-1939 In the subsequent tape 1 There are biographies of Joan v. Bismarck, give. of Puttkamer, Prof.. Rudolf Claudius, Prof.. Anton Dohrn, Rüdiger von der Goltz, Alexander von Domeyer, Karl Robert Klempin, Art historian Franz Kugler. In Band 2 The collection will[...]

Individual biographies from Austria

On the website of the “austrian literature online” are mainly related to digital books and Austria offered are free and also available as ePrint. Currently there are approximately 13.733 Documents from the 11. Century to the Present. The project relies on the initiative of the University- and Regional Library of Tyrol, Graz University Library and the Institute “Integrated Studies” the University of Linz. An absolutely recommendable project!