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List of citizens of the city of Zurich for the period 1819 to 1892

Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1819 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1821 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1827 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1830 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1832 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1834 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1845 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1851 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1858 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1861 Directory of the citizens of Zurich 1864 […]


The Kassel Bürgerbuch (1520 to 1699) after the original in the city archives

The publication of the Kassel citizens book is intended for the local historian and genealogist of the most profitable draws. The original consists of 64 Parchment leaves in folio with a strong wooden cover and pressed leather coat with brass fittings. The division of the Codex is following: on page 1 is the coat of arms painted on, the right of a wild man, links von einem […]


The oldest book of the period of Stralsund citizens 1319 to 1348

Stralsund was given to the settlement in the wake of the German eastward expansion in 1234 between the notice of princes Wizlaw I. the city charter to Rostock or. Lübeck model. The area was at that time mainly by Slavs besiedelt.Im 14. Century was regarded as an important Hanseatic city of Stralsund already, gleich nach Lübeck.Like this:Like Loading…

Naumburger Bürgerbuch Register A

Database Project: The Naumburg Bürgerbuch (1342 – 1853)

In addition to the church records are public books are an important source for genealogical research. The books were mostly citizens created before the beginning of the church records and recorded the images of a city civil. There were persons included in this book, welche das Bürgerrecht erworben hatten.Like this:Like Loading…


Historical address books of the City of Brunswick

Adress-Calender, the high-Fürstl. Braunschw. Lüneb. Head- and Residentz- Wolffenbüttel cities and Brunswick and Prince's court found there, of other colleges, Instantien, and Expeditions : to the year of Christ 1721 (Braunschweigisches address book for the year 1721) Braunschweigischer measurement- and merchant- Almanac for the Leap Year 1796 of P. C. Ribbentrop (Braunschweigisches address book for the year 1796) Braunschweigisches […]


Basel Bürgerbuch

Contains all naturalized at the time the families of the city of Basel, with remarks of its origin, the time of the civil rights record, and the first ethnic group of people and those, for the civil service, Church Service, or memorable for science were. Everything is in alphabetical order and provided with historical notes, or heraldic panels. Ebenfalls enthalten sind die bis zum […]

Historical Address Book

Database Historical Directories Historical Directories are recognized as an important secondary source for the genealogist. The systematic recording of the address books of historical data obtained here are resources provided by volunteers through a common database program for free online query. List of all locations: Pomerania (Poland) Address the City Belgard 1937 General housing indicators in addition to address- und Geschäfts-Handbuch für Köslin für […]