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Walther von Plettenberg, Grand Master of the Teutonic Order in Livonia


Livonia was 1158 discovered by merchants from Bremen, who wanted to sail to Visby on Gotland, But through devious storms on the Baltic coast and the northern tip of Courland, passed near the island RUNÖ, were driven to the mouth of the Daugava. The country was then wholly unknown to the civilized Europe. The consequences of the discovery were relatively equal importance; because the spread of Germanic life through all the provinces of the Baltic Sea, in Kurland, Semgallen, Livonia, Estonia was given and to some extent in Finland in. So begannen die  [...]

Chronicle of the city Ellingen

Ellingen a city in Middle Franconia, Roman home of the well-known “German-Order-Coming” and known by the princely residence of Wrede'sch. The Order established here a Scheduled, the 1269 was first documented. During the Middle Ages Ellingen is the seat of the Bailiwick Landkomturei francs. 1377-1378 Charles IV granted. the right of the attachment, but stopped on the opposition withdrew from White Castle.