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Documents and calendar entries on the history of Viscount and Baron von Hammerstein


The Barons of Hammerstein are a German family. From the beginning of the 17. Century by Hammerstein to Equord, the family divided in 17./18. Century in the lines Hammerstein-Equord, Hammerstein and Hammerstein-Gesmold Loxton.

The counts of Mansfeld

The old family of the Counts of Mansfeld, one of the most important Saxon-Thuringian vassal families, which have shaped the history of Mansfield. The published works of Johann Gottfried Zeidler describes well the history of this generation.

Compilation: History of the German nobility


History of the German nobility, 1. Part, 2. Edition, published 1853 History of the German nobility, 2. Part, 2. Edition, appear 1853 History of the German nobility, 3. Part, 2. Edition, published 1854 Those: Strantz, Dr. Carl Friedrich Ferdinand von: History of the German nobility, documentary evidence of its origin until the present time, 3 Parts in one vol, Breslau 1845 (2. Aufl. in 3 Volumes above) Breslau: Kuehn bookstore, 1851-1854 Another work: Strantz, Dr. Carl Friedrich Ferdinand von: History of the free registry Lord, the castle and worn-[...]

Yearbook of the German nobility digitized

In addition to the standard works of the Gotha, includes the Yearbook of German nobility, published in three volumes from the publisher W.C. Bruer, as a mandatory program in any collection of genealogists, dealing with the nobility. The annals of every noble family to give accurate and its accuracy verified information about the denomination, the origin, the acquisition of the nobility, entails, and on family farms, Hereditary officers and dignitaries. The arms of each family is described in detail. Each article is introduced by a brief overview of the history of the appropriate sex and at least the[...]