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contributions to the history of the house Neufville since the immigration of the family to Germany


[gn_heading style="1"] contributions to the history of the house Neufville [/gn_heading] The “de Neufville” came as Reformed Protestant refugees to Frankfurt . The family originated from the county of Artois . In 1575 were Robert and Sebastian citizens of the city . Two years later, married Sebastian (1545-1609) mit der Anna Cochx (Cook) and quickly came through his cloth trade to large fortune . He was the founder of the Frankfurt branch. Son Sebastian (1581-1634) extended trade to silk , gems and metals and the assets increased considerably .

The descendants of the geographer Gerhard Mercator (1512-1594)


Gerhard Mercator (Gerard de Kremer actually, latinized: Gerardus Mercator = Gerhard Krämer) was a mathematician begandeter, Geographer, Philosopher, Theologian and cartographer, which was regarded as far back as Ptolemy of his time.

History of old Brabant van den Velde or sex of the Velden


To the present work in a concise form the main results of studies on the history